About Reliant

We have over 50 Years of experience recycling Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals

Reliant Recycling offers a full line of recycling services and has the ability to handle all types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. We service the recycling needs of customers through the efforts of a highly skilled team with an understanding of the industry. We have a number of trucks, trailers, containers, and heavy machinery available for safe and efficient handling of your recyclable materials.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Two waterfront facilities for scrap handling.
  • Materials are weighed on state certified scale
  • Detailed settlement reports provided for every transaction
  • Prompt Payment
  • Private trucking fleet to provide consistent and high quality customer service

Reliant’s location on
the Houma Navigational
Canal offers waterfront
access to handle marine
based recycling projects
with on-site heavy lift
and crawler crane services.

Reliant Recycling buys the following materials:

Ferrous Materials:

• Turnings
• Plate
• Pipe
• Conductor Pipe
• Platforms
• Valves
• Vessels
• Helidecks
• Caissons
• Boat Landing

Non-Ferrous Materials

• Aluminum (solids & turnings)
• Brass (solids & turnings)
• Copper (solids, turnings, and insulated wire)
• Stainless Steel (solids & turnings)
• Inconel (solids & turnings)
• Carbide (solids & turnings)
• Hastelloy (solids & turnings)
• Monel (solids & turnings)
• Nickel (solids & turnings)
• Alloys (solids & turnings)

Reliant is an ISRI Member